Featured Article: Skills Every Quilter Should Master

To get good at something you have to practice, but if you start practicing blindly you can end up mastering skills that are of no use at all. For instance, let’s assume that you master how to take apart a remote and put it back together instead of mastering how to repair a broken remote, yes you have a skill but you can’t use it when the remote stops functioning making it a useless skill.

If you are new to quilting there are a number of important skills that you should master, if you don’t master them then quilting won’t be a downhill ride for you, instead, it will become an uphill struggle and sooner or later you will give up. Not because quilting is difficult but because you spent too much time mastering useless skills.

Skill 1: the fabrics

Take note, quilting revolves around fabrics; this means that in order to become a master quilter you will first have to master how to pick fabrics. If you understand fabrics your quilting skills will improve, you will know what to use where and why. You will also know which fabrics to use and which ones to avoid.

Basically you should know which fabrics bleed, the ones that shrink, the fabrics that are easy to work with, and the fabrics that are difficult to work with.

The importance of pre-washing your fabric before you start quilting includes:

  • It removes finishing chemicals that may irritate some people
  • Removes excess dye
  • Check shrinkage

Skill 2: Rotary cutting techniques

The rotary cutter is an essential tool that every quilter should learn to use; if you learn to use it quilting will be easy. Look at it this way, once you know how to use the tool there will be no further need to mark and cut fabrics individually.

Simply put this tool will save you a lot of time and effort, therefore if you don’t have one get one today.

Skill 3: quarter inch seam allowance

It is normal to make mistakes at first but some mistakes can be avoided, for example, if you learn or practice how to seam correctly you won’t have to worry about things like seams not matching up.

Skill 4: how to use a machine and read a pattern

Learning how to use a sewing machine is a very important or should I say a necessary skill for all quilters, it also pays to learn how to quilt without the machine. You see the thing is, handmade quilts sell for more than machine made quilts therefore master both skills.

When you enter the quilting world it is also important to acquaint yourself with the terminology used by quilters, you should also have an understanding of how to press fabrics, add borders, create a quilt sandwich, how to bind quilts, chain pieces, stitch and cut accurately.

Mastering all these skills will make quilting easy for you; it will become something you enjoy because you know exactly what you are doing.